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Hello Wichita!
  Tidbits of Wichita is published weekly here in the Wichita area by Partners Publishing, locally owned by Kay Johnson. Since Tidbits has been out, more and more people have found it in Dillons stores and West Wichita area businesses, and read and enjoy it regularly!
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Tidbits Community!
As they say, it takes a community to be successful! Here at Tidbits we have three important goals for our Tidbits Community Members:
  1) We are committed to bringing our Readers great TIDBITS of trivia, information, puzzles and more for their enjoyment each week, free! Readers, have fun, and remember to patronize our Advertisers and let them know you saw their ad in Tidbits because they support Tidbits so you can read it for free! Also let your favorite Distributor business know you appreciate picking up Tidbits there.
  2) We are committed to providing our Advertisers, the great local businesses of the Wichita area, an affordable marketing partner with great results! Thank you Advertisers, for your support of Tidbits!
   3) We are committed to helping our Distributors, more great businesses in Wichita, increase their customer satisfaction by providing a pleasant diversion to create a perception of decreased waiting times for their customers and clients. We believe it also helps bring people to their business to pick up the newest issue of Tidbits. Thanks, Distributors, for your help. We couldn't do it without you!
If you are interested in a copy or additional info regarding advertising or distribution in your business, please call me, Kay, at (316) 882-1900. And remember,
            FOR SUCCESS!