of Gallia, Jackson, Meigs & Mason Counties  
  Tidbits will be distributed in over 100-150 locations throughout the area. Tidbits can be found in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, offices, banks, libraries, hair salons, auto repair shops, motels, hospitals, medical & dental waiting rooms, retail stores, etc.

Wherever people wait and are looking for something to read...it is our goal to have a Tidbits rack there with the latest edition of fun, facts, games, AND YOUR AD!

There is no cost or obligation to have Tidbits distributed at your place of business. If you are a reader of Tidbits and cannot find a copy at your favorite business, please ask the management to contact us and we will be happy to distribute The Neatest Little Paper Ever Read where it is most convenient for you! For more information, contact us at