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Welcome to Tidbits!

Owning a Tidbits® newspaper publishing operation is an opportunity to achieve your dreams. Similar to a newspaper franchise, Tidbits is a National Publishing opportunity without the franchise expense of royalties. You never pay a percentage of your gross revenue to the Corporate Office. While your customers have a cup of coffee you provide the news! Not depressing news but fun, light-hearted news! You work for yourself, work from home and thus you keep your overhead costs low. Financial independence, job security, and a high yield on investment are just a few of the benefits of becoming the owner of an exclusive Tidbits paper. Tidbits affords the opportunity for you to capitalize on your sales ability, and allows you to build an attractive net worth through a publishing concept that will be well received in your community. Tidbits, a weekly publication, offers advertisers an attractive, affordable alternative to the daily newspaper. When you become a Tidbits Publisher you become part of a strong national brand and you become part of our family.

Our publishing system has emerged as a proven method through which entrepreneurs may shine. Our experience shows that the part of publishing that requires the greatest amount of time is the research, writing and editing, and designing each week’s issue. Tidbits Media, Inc provides the fun, non-controversial editorial content (text) thus eliminating the need for Tidbits Publishers to hire writers, editors and researchers. Tidbits publishers deal with the part of their paper that makes them money - ad sales.

It is up to you to take charge of your future! We are ready to help make your dreams of independence come true.